Special Guests
Records of KINEKO International Children’s Film Festival 2016

International Special Juries

Elise Van Beurden 

Born in Belgium. As a member of ECFA (European Children’s Film Association), she has involved in the film literacy projects. She also has worked as juries and panelists of several film festivals around Europe.

Volodymyr Diagilev

Born in Ukraine. He is the executive director of the International Children's Television Festival “Dytiatko”, and the Head of the Kharkiv Association of Children's Screen Arts.

Antonio Guarino

Born in Italy. He is a manager of the Doha Giffoni Youth Media Summit and Planet -Y organization. He also works as a programmer and contributes to management of international film festivals around the world.

Michael Harbauer

In 1996, initiated the International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience “SCHLINGEL”, which is now one of the most comprehensive platforms for international and national children’s and youth film festival in Europe.

Jaroslava Hynštová

Works as a program director of Zlín Film Festival from 2005. She is also a screener and director of the amateur theatre group in her hometown.

Céline Ravenel

Born in France. In 2005, she became the artistic director of Ciné-Jeune Film Festival, and currently working as president of ECFA (European Children’s Film Association).

Elizabeth Shepherd

Born in U.S. Directed the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, and currently is a director of Children’s film Festival Seattle.

International Guests from All of the World!

Jerzy Moszkowicz

Jerzy is the director of International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! and Children Art’s Centre in Poznań, Poland. He is a stage director and an author of theatre performances. The board member of ECFA – European Children’s Film Association in the past. Jury member of a number of film festivals for children and young people in the world.

Esben Toft Jacobsen

Director of "Kiwi & Strit, The Noisy Cow"
Workshop Instructor, Clay Animation

Since 2008, Esben has been directing such titles as the short “Kiwi & Strit” and “The Great Bear,” which was picked for competition for Berlinale’s Generation Kplus. “Beyond Beyond” was in competition at the Berlinale 2014 in the Kplus section. In 2015, Esben finished his 26 episode tv series Kiwi & Strit, which will be on national television in Germany, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Philipp Budweg

Producer of "The Pasta Detectives"

He started producing in 2001 and founded his first film company with director Johannes Schmid. Since then, he produced six debut feature films. In the last five years, he produced nine feature films for the cinema. The LIEBLINGSFILM GmbH is an International Film Production Company based in Munich.

Alain Gsponer

Director of "Heidi"

Born in Zurich, Switzerland. During 1997 and 2002, he studied directing at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. “Heidi” is his 9th fiction film. At the moment, he is in post production of his new film “Youth without God“.

Javi Navarro

Director of "I've just had a dream"

Javi is a screenwriter, director and film producer from Valencia, Spain. He is an educational film teacher, and he directed the short film "I've just had a dream," relevant for children, which has received more than 200 awards, most of them international.

Kim Sang-hwa

Festival Executive Director of Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival, South Korea. Kim is a judge for Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF) and Korea Independent Animation Film Festival. Also he is an executive committee member at Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

Chun-huang Wang

Chairman of the executive committee of Eureka! Tainan International Children’s Film Festival. Vice Chairman of Tainan Visual-audio Cultural Development Association. Chun-huang is a PhD candidate at National University of Tainan, also a lecturer of animation/design at University of Kang Ning.

Child Actor

Aiden Papamihail

Appears on “The Thing My Father Never Taught Me”

Lee Re

Appears on “How to Steal a Dog”

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