Films Introduction
Records of KINEKO International Film Festival 2015

feature film

Les oisequx de passage

Director: Olivier Ringer/ Country: Belgium・France/ 2015/ 84min.

Margaux, a girl on a wheelchair is chosen as the mother by a newly born duckling. Considering her condition, Margaux's parent forbids her to let the duck in their house. To save the duck Margaux would have to go on a great adventure.

for age 5 and up

©Ring Prod/ Les Films d'Antoine

Ooops! Noah is gone

Director: Toby Genekl, Sean McCormack/ Country: Germany/2015/86min.

The clumsy Nestrians, Dave and his son Finny finally made it on to Noah's Ark. But when the ark sets off, Finny and his friend accidentally fall off, marking the beginning of their great and mighty adventure.

for age 5 and up

©2014 Ulysses, Fabrique d'Images, Skyline and Moetion Films.

short film

Mr. Hubolt

Director: Laurent Witz/ Country: Luxembourg/ 2013/ 12min.

Mr. Hublot avoids the outside world because he is scared of change. One day, he brings a robot home which soon starts growing bigger than himself. Will Mr. Hubolt be able to get his life back to normal?

for age 1 and up

©ZEILT productions-WATT frame-Arte France

Home Sweet Home

Director: Pierre Clenet, Aljandro Diaz, Romain Mazevet, Stephane Paccolat/ Country: France/ 2013/ 10min.

A little house decides to leave her worn-down town in search of a new place. Along the way, she inspires other houses to join her mission.

for age 1 and up


Bunny New Girl

Director: Natalie Van den Dungen/ Country: Australia/ 2015/ 6min.

7 year old Annabelle arrives for her first day at a new school wearing a home made rabbit mask. Despite the gentle reassurance of the kind teacher, Mr Borbidge, her classmates can't help but wonder what she's hiding. When a class bully exposes her secret, the sympathy of her new friend gives Annabelle the courage to be seen, just as she is.

for age 1 and up

©Natalie van den Dungen 2015


Director: Julia Ocker/ Country: Germany/2015/ 4min.

"When a zebra bumps into a tree, his stripes disappear and start changing shapes. The more he struggles to get back his stripes, the crazier the patterns turn out to be. Will little zebra be able to get back his stripes? "

for age 1 and up



Director: Yuichi Ito/ Country: Japan/2014/ 5min.

"A tiny worm Knyacki is being chased by the bully, Waru as usual. One day, the two get accidently stuck inside a pair of shoes and starts a splendid dance steps in the junk yard. "

for age 1 and up


The Ballon

Director: Matan Peled/ Country: Israel/ 2014/ 12min.

As Israeli kids prepare for a party in middle of a war, the kids try to ask the enemy if they can stop the missiles for a night. They send the request by attaching a letter on a balloon. Will the letter get delivered safely to the other side?

for age 9 and up



Director: Bosmat Agayoff, Alon Ziv/ Country: Israel/ 2013/ 6min.

In a suburban landscape, Barnie plays with a reflection of his younger self. When people around him force him to become an adult, Barnie learns to adapt to his newly created self.

for age 5 and up


Ice Cream

Director: Serhat Karaaslan Country: Turkey/ 2014/ 16min.

On a hot summer day in Turkey, an ice cream peddler comes to a small village. The children in the village swarm over the ice cream man, bringing whatever they can in exchange for a treat. When Rojhat's mother can't offer anything for exchange, Rojhat becomes determined to get his ice cream.

for age 5 and up

© +90 film production.

Boogaloo and Graham

Director: Michael Lennox/ Country: England/ 2014/ 15min.

Jamesy and Malachy are over the moon when their soft-hearted Dad presents them with two baby chicks to care for, but the two boys are in a shock when their parents announce that big changes are coming to the family.

for age 5 and up

Golden Time

Director: Takuya Inaba/ Country: Japan/ 2013/ 23min.

"It's in the 1980s and Japan's economy is booming. One day, an old, well-used 1960s TV gets thrown away. Unable to accept his fate, the TV tries to escape the trash heap....A tragic comedy depicting the ups and downs of the TV's life."

for age 5 and up

©2013 ROBOT

Photo Studio

Director: Takashi Nakamura/ Country: Japan/ 2013/ 18min.

Set in pre-WWII Japan, a photographer takes photo of various people at his studio. When a couple visits the studio, the owner brings out the shy lady's smile. Several years later, the couple brings in their grumpy daughter. Will the owner be able to make the girl smile?

for age 5 and up

©2013 Studio Colorido.

Kumu Hina; A Place in the Middle

Director: Dean Hamer & Joe Wilson/ Country: America/ 2014/ 25min.

"A true story of a girl who aspires to lead her school's all-male hula group and her inspiring teacher who uses traditional Hawaiian culture to empower her."

for age 7 and up


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