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feature film

Shaun the Sheep Movie

Director: Mark Burton, Richard Starzak/ Country: England・France/ 2015/ 85min.

In order to obtain his freedom, Shaun the sheep puts his owner to sleep in a camping car. But the car accidentaly starts moving, leaving Shaun and his friends behind at the barn. To get their master back, they have to leave the barn and head to the city…

for age 5 and up

©2014 Aardman Animations Limited and Studiocanal S.A.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Director: Isamu Takahata/ Country: Japan/ 2013/ 137min.

©2013 畑事務所・GNDHDDTK

Found inside a shining stalk of bamboo, a tiny girl grows into an exquisite young lady raised by an old bamboo cutter and his wife. From the countryside to the grand capital city, even unseen she enthralls all who encounter her, including five noble suitors. Ultimately she must face her fate, punishment for her crime."The Tale of The Princess Kaguya" is the newest film from Studio Ghibli, and the strikingly beautiful culmination of decades of contemplation by its director, famed animator and Studio Ghibli founder Isao Takahata.

for age 5 and up

Igor and the Cranes' Journey

Director: Evgeny Ruman/ Country: Israel/ 2012/ 90 min.

Since his parents' divorce, 11-year old Igor cherishes the yearly visits to his dad, a dedicated ornithologist, who lives in the Russian countryside at a crane observation centre. On an especially rewarding trip, Igor gets to watch the impressive sight of a baby crane hatching. He names the baby "Karl".

for age 9 and up

Run Boy Run

Director: Pepe Danquart/ Country: Germany・France/ 2013/ 108min.

A superlative saga of courage and compassion, RUN BOY RUN tells the extraordinary true story of a Polish boy who seeks the kindness of others in his solitary struggle to outlast the Nazi occupation and keep alive his Jewish faith.

for age 9 and up

©2013 Bittersuess Pictures

short film

Ronja Rovardotter

Director: Goro Miyazaki/ Country: Japan/

©NHK・NEP・Dwango, licensed by Saltkrakan AB,The Astrid Lindgren Company

Ronja is the daughter of a bandit who lives in a castle ruin on top of a mountain. A story of family ties, drawn beautifully by Goro Miyazaki through the powerful life of Ronja.

for age 5 and up


Director: Francesco Misseri/ Country: Italy/ 10 min

Many things happen in the forest where Mofy lives with her friends. Mofy sometime cries, laughs, and gets mad but every day she spends with her friends allows her see something new about the world. "I should be fine no matter what." Mofy grows up to be a girl with confidence.

for ages 1 and up



Director: Charlie Chaplin/ Country:America

A masterpiece loved by children. We will screen using a film from a century ago.

Chaplin works at a big factory. As he do simple work with the same machine everyday, he slowly goes insane?! A major work of Charlie Chaplin after City Lights. As usual, he wrote the story and directed the film. A masterpiece with even a song written by him.

for age5 and up

© Roy Export Company Establishment.

Shimajiro: A World of WOW!

Director: Kou Kawamata/ Country: Japan/ 8min

Shimajiro and Richard are visiting Shimajiro's grandpa, who's living in the countryside. When they start eating a lunchbox, Richard questions why Japanese say "Itadakimasu" before each meal. Shimajiro and Richard decide to ask the grandparents.

for age1 and up

©Benesse corporation/しまじろう

Thomas & Friends

Original book by: Wilbert Awdry/ Country: England/ 7 min.

The characters were made by Awdry who was a pastor in the U.K. The Story of "Thomas & Friends" are loved by people from all over the world.

for age 1 and up

©2015 Gullane (Thomas) Limited.


Original book by: Otmer Gutman/ Country: Switzerland/ 5min.

Pingu, an Emperor Penguin in the South Pole, is a cheerful and curious boy. In his story, you cannot miss the funny things that naughty Pingu and his joyful family members do.

for age 1 and up

© 2015 The Pygos Group

Komaneko –The First Step–

Director: Tsuneo Goda/ Country: Japan/ 5min.

Koma-chan is a cat that loves to make films. This is the story of her first film making.

for age 1 and up


Koma and Razibo

Director: Tsuneo Goda/ Country: Japan/ 8 min.

Radi-bo, a boy who loves fidgeting with gadgets, and Radi-papa has come to Komneko's house to fix a broken radio. While they wait for Radi-papa to finish his work, Komaneko and Radibo starts making something.

for age 5 and up


Shaun the Sheep

Director: Richard Starzak/ Country: England/ 8 min.

Bitzer, the sheepdog is always running around to stop mischievious Shaun and his friends from fooling around. An entertaining piece of slapstick with many attractive characters.

for age 5 and up

©Aardman Animations Limited 2012

Penelope tete en l'air

Director: Jun Takagi/ Country: Japan/ 5 min.

Meet PENELOPE, a clumsy 3-year old blue koala girl who loves to play and learn just like ordinary pre-schoolers.

for age 1 and up

© うっかりペネロペ製作委員会

Tinny & the Balloon

Director: Daiki Inaba/ Country: Japan/ 5 min.

Tinny and the Balloon is a sweet adventure story about courage and friendship, which takes place in the clouds. Tinny is a puppy, who gets tied to a balloon and floats up into the blue sky. He drifts up into the clouds, a white, puffy world where he knows no one. As he floats around in this strange new world, he meets several odd animals, who have been attached to balloons since their births. Tinny and the animals become friends and together they venture into an unknown world called the Balloon Kingdom…

for age 1 and up

© 2014 Genki Kawamura & Kenjiro Sano / Tinny Project

© KINEKO International Film Festival 2015 All Rights Reserved.